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Judaea. Lot of 2 coins.
Bar Kochba Revolt, 132-135 AD. AE Middle Bronze. Struck on bronze issue of Ascalon (the same coin in this lot).
24 mm. Weight: 11.42 gm.
Undated issue of Year 3, 134-135 AD.
Obverse: 'Simon', Seven-branched palm tree with two bunches of dates.
Date ΘΠP and dove still clearly visible on obverse.
Reverse: Vine leaf on tendril.
Inverted head of Domitian still clearly visible on reverse.
Choice very fine.

Judaea. Ascalon. Domitian, 81-96 AD. AE 24 mm.
Weight: 13.86 gm.
Dated year 189, 85-86 AD.
Obverse: Laureate head left.
Reverse: Tyche-Astarte standing left on galley, holding scepter and aplustre; altar to left; to right, dove standing left above date.
Choice very fine.
Rosenberger 115; Sofaer 81.